Benefits of the Strip Cam

Strip Cam is a portable waterproof digital video camera that can be used to shoot high quality videos. The Camera is designed for speed and ruggedness and can be used for underwater recording, wildlife filming and as a backpack video camera.

Three versions of the Strip Cam

Three versions of the Strip Cam

There are three versions of the Strip Cam, which are the Doogee, Velomotion and Maagdeo. The functions and features of each version are very similar. They all have their own unique and suitable uses.

Water-resistant, reliable and fast. The Maagdeo Camera is very user friendly and versatile. It is considered a workhorse when it comes to mobility and freedom. It is designed for use in different settings and can be used in underwater, outdoor and indoor scenarios.

It has the advantages of being waterproof, durable and powerful for the main purposes of being an underwater camera. The Maagdeo has all the options to meet the needs of a range of users. With its long battery life and compact design, this camera is perfect for everyone.

The camera has two axes that make it possible to adjust the view of the video in the vertical and horizontal directions. It has a digital zoom lens, which makes it possible to zoom in and out. The user can turn the frame around anytime he wants to.

Functions of the camera

Functions of the camera

Many a times, the frame is turned inside out in today’s days and thus the camera is also able to provide the same functionality. The high resolution viewing and adjustable tilt/zoom capability make this camera perfect for those who need a handheld tripod.

This camera is able to work in either a wireless range or an AC/DC range. It has a space-age design and the wireless range is suitable for those who do not have to carry heavy and bulky cameras. It has a video stabilizer that allows you to shoot footage with no shake and avoid blurring.

With a digital zoom lens, you will be able to adjust the view while filming. The camera has the ability to shoot clear footage without any distortion and noise. It also has built-in GPS system, which allows it to work underwater.

The best features of the camera

The best features of the camera

The waterproof and shockproof feature makes it ideal for those who want to use it in almost any setting and for different activities. It is well protected from dirt, water and exposure to the elements. The camera is designed to withstand any wet and snowy conditions.

You will be able to capture high-quality video in extreme conditions. This is a camcorder that is perfect for hunters, fishers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It is also a perfect camera for wildlife lovers, photographers and anyone who has an interest in nature.

It is one of the many digital cameras, which are equipped with a five megapixel, all-digital CMOS sensor. With the 2.5mm plug-in lens, it can produce high-quality images with clarity and color reproduction.

It offers high quality images and impressive sound that will captivate your audience. It has a high-speed processor, durable construction and advanced recording system which help to create high-quality video images.

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